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We really needed more manpower for some data entry for our clients.

We've tried other outsourcing services before, but TheOutsourcebot provided the completed the projects so quickly, we decided to switch to them for all our data entry. I don't know how we'd have had our success without them.

Jonathan Baldwin, Baldwin & Associates

I am a free lance Web architect involved in Search Engine Optimization and other viral marketing strategies.

I came across Theoutsourcebot after a friend recommended them and I am glad to have been working with them for the past 6 months. Their service is prompt and dependable. Anyone looking for a good outsourcing solution to expand their business should get involved with Innovative Technologies.

Ashwin , Philippines

I am a PhD student and as part of my research I had lots of data manipulation/data clean up to do for my data analysis.

I am usually weary of all those "cheap" outsource services but to my surprise TheOutsourceBot staff dealt with me with much professionalism and I had my work done faster than I had expected!. I would highly recommend them for any of those tedious jobs that you'd hate to do. Great value for money!

Z. Kern, Australia

We are in food business and its expansion, we were hit hard by the paper work and manual data entry.

We were first apprehensive of outsourcing the back office operations but then we tried that with TheOutsouceBot for a couple of months. We were very encouraged by their committment and decided to go into a long term relationship with him. I would be happy to discuss my experiences and can be contacted on mikegauba@gmail.com.

Mike Gauba, Australia